“NEW” Rules that apply to us…

* 3.4.1: Neck Brace/Helmet Support.

I have a neck brace that everyone can use and if your helmet has HANS attachment points and my HANS fits, you can use that instead.

* 3.8.1: Brake Lights.

As soon as I order the new lights for my trailer, I’ll pull the old one’s off and we’ll mount those to the cross bar between the rear shock towers that I haven’t installed yet…

* 3.21: Open T-Tops and Convertibles.

I’m ordering a set of arm restraints from IOPort Racing this weekend.

* 3.23: Master Electrical Kill Switch.

I have an extra kill switch left over from Summit Racing that we can use for this.

* 5.3: Pit Communication.

We need to figure out what to do for radios. Ideally, a PTT radio with a helmet friendly microphone and speaker is the way to go. Some people have used FRS radios and other’s with unlimited voice plans have simply used their cell phones with either a blue-tooth or wired headset…

The longer I think about it, the more things get added to the To Do list!

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