Build Notes (May)

The AMB transponder and display are mounted and wired in. Also got the Traqmate data acquisition system mounted, powered up and connected to the tach signal wire.

My 1kw AC/DC inverter is dead, so that didn’t work. If anyone else has one they’re not using let me know. It’ll make it easier to power the camera if it can run off straight AC power rather than messing
with having to swap batteries.

I went ahead and mounted/wired the extra fuse block, so the car now has 8 fused circuits + the two CLA’s that came with their own in-line fuses for a total of 10 fused circuits… Why? Don’t ask why, just because!

The wiring looks pretty crazy right now, so it still needs cleaned up and wire loomed for abrasion protection from all the sharp metal edges.

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