Build Notes (Mar)

We got the car running pretty good yesterday with some clean-up of the electrical system and installation of the new starter I picked up from the junk yard last week.  The air box is installed and we got most? Of the loose nuts tightened.

I finally got the seat installed with Dru’s help into the evening and it now has full mobility and slides all the way forward and back on the sliders.

After everyone left, I tried to get in the car to take it for a spin around the block… And couldn’t get in… With those big wings on the Kirkey, even with the seat slid all the way back, I had to climb in from the top!

So, I broke out the welder and welded on the steering wheel bung for the quick disconnect on my MOMO wheel.  Much easier fit with the steering wheel out of the way.

We still need to lower the springs and get the junk yard windshield installed…

I’m out of town until Thursday, so, unless we can do the install before I get back…

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