Junk Yard Diving!

I had a pretty successful trip to Pick-n-pull last night and this morning to collect spares for the car…

A friend spied a completely unmolested ’83 280ZX in the Oakland yard with a blown head gasket and came with me to help pull parts off of it last night and again this morning.

We got:
Drive shaft
Transmission w/clutch and pressure plate
Fuel Rail with Injectors
Radiator (Appears Nearly New)
Starter (Appears Nearly New)
Fuel Pump (Appears Nearly New)
Front control arms, steering knuckles, hubs and NEW struts
Rear shock assemblies (Appears New)
Fuseable link box with all good fuseable links
Distributor Cap & Rotor (Appears Nearly New)
Misc. Relay’s

Donated by my friend:
Another drive shaft (Spare if the u-joints in the one from the yard are/go bad)
Analog gauge cluster w/Speedo, tach, fuel, water temp, oil pressure and volt meter!

For tomorrow:
Injector O-rings
Front Glass (If I can get it off without breaking it…)
Front glass trim (for myself…)

If I can’t get the glass off the pick-n-pull car, we’ll need to get someone to install a new one for the track day. I have confirmed they won’t let us on the track without a good windshield. That will eat up another $150 from our budget…

I’m going to put the drive shaft on tonight so I can drive the car off the trailer and up my driveway to the side of the house and put it behind the gate and out of sight from the neighbors… 😀

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