The “Rejection Notice” and a glimmer of hope…

Hi, Team Captain:

I’m sorry to tell you those smug, self-satisfied bastards on the LeMons Selection Committee have REJECTED your application for the May 10-11, 2008, LeMons SF 24 Hours of LeMons at Altamont. I swear, I tried to stop them. They held me down and beat me with broomsticks. Okay, the truth is we had more than twice as many entries as grid spots, so a lot of good teams just had to get bumped. This time yours was one.

But you still might be able to race.

Because we got so many interesting entries, right now AMP is struggling to find us a second 24 Hours of LeMons weekend to follow the 10-11 May race. If they’re able to swing it, I’ll automatically accept your team into this new race. If you’re interested, just reply to this email with “Move My Ass to The New Race” in the subject line and keep your fingers crossed. Mine are.

Whatever you decide, thanks again for your app, and I hope to see you in a race soon. Any questions or comments, drop me a line anytime.


Jay Lamm, Chief Perp

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