Build Notes (Feb)

The only 14″ size Azenis RT615’s come in is 195/60/14

That’s pretty inadequate. I want to get at least 225’s on the car.  That’s going to require at least a 15″ wheel and the only 15″ size Azenis come in are 205/50/15’s basically for the Spec Miata’s… still 2 sizes too small in my opinion.

So, I think we have to go to 15″ wheels and we’ll have to come up with a different tire. The GTRadial’s used on the Mach 5 car are available in a 225/50/15 with a 260 tread wear rating for $53/ea x 6 = $318 +
$143 s&h = $461 delivered.

Now I have to figure out which of my classic no longer produced rare 15″ wheels I might be willing to sacrifice to the cause…

If anyone knows anyone with a set of 15×6 or 15×7 wheels in a 4×4.5 (4×114.3) bolt circle with 0 to +10 offset, let me know!

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