The When…

The May 10th AMP event is rapidly approaching!

And although our entry was declined for this event, we continued our build undaunted by this heinous oversight by the selection committee! We’ll continue on in hopes of getting accepted into another event…

We stumbled upon a slightly used Kirkey aluminum seat that was donated by another Datsun racer who was retiring his old B210 race car. After a little modification to the seat and the factory sliders, we were able to shoe-horn the seat into the car with no modifications necessary to the cage.

We got the fire extinguisher and the quick release steering wheel mounted as well as pulling the entire fuel rail to replace all the old and rotted fuel hoses leaking gas all over the top of the intake manifold! At $8/foot, it was money well spent since each injector only needs about 1.75″ of hose to the fuel rail.

We got the battery disconnect, fuel pump switch, power switch and “push button” start wired in and mounted to our make shift center console!

We also got a new battery tray fabricated and relocated to the back of the car. This should help offset some of the weight our “larger” drivers are going to generate behind the wheel.

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