The Motley Crew

The Motley Crew is assembled for another long work day!

Just like a CalTrans crew, there’s a lot of people standing around talking or lounging and only one person working…

In spite of appearances, we got quite a bit done today with all fluids changed, additional holes cut in the air cleaner housing, harness mount points installed, SFI roll bar padding installed, new pads and rotors installed on all four corners, harness bar for the passenger seat installed and corner weighted the car. With all the weight reduction, we’re gonna have to heat the springs to drop the car back to a “reasonable” ride height!

The supervisor says it’s time for a lunch break…  Union rules so NO ARGUING!

We got a lot of junk and debris vacuumed out of the car and pulled the rest of the interior controls and plumbing for the Heater and AC.

We test fit the Corbeau Forza 2 seat I stole off my XBox360 Forza 2 racing platform… Too bad it’s not going to fit in the notoriously narrow Datsun floors and we realized we should have measured our seat before we built the cage!

We’ll either have to cut and re-make the driver side intrusion bars or find another narrower seat… ;(

Looks like we got a new Co-Driver for the team!

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