The final safety inspection, alignment and dyno test!

I’m usually not a fan of the dyno on old beaters since they like to collapse under the pressure…

Anyway, after going over the entire car and tightening the spectacular myriad of loose nuts and bolts, I took the plunge and decided to risk a few dyno runs to check the AFR’s with a wide band O2.  It’s fortunate that we did as the AFR was running WAY TOO LEAN even at WOT.  A little adjustment to the AFM to richen things up and it now idles at 13.1:1 and at WOT is running between 12:1 and 12.5:1 and we picked up a few extra WHP since the timing was running at only 5 deg. fully advanced, so we were loosing a lot of potential.  Turned it up to 12 degrees and it’s making 117 WHP and 138 WTQ!  Not bad for a $350 beater with 260k on the odometer when the factory spec’s are 145 SAE HP at the crank!  I’m pretty happy with how everything has come out so far, but the paint on the sides has me scratchin’ my head…  The Punisher skull on the hood is bad azz though!

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