(Some?) Instrumentation and Data Logging are installed!

We’ll, given we had completely removed the dashboard on our 280ZX, the more experienced Datsun drivers on the team decided it was probably a good idea to give those on the team unfamiliar with the sounds of a Datsun motor at full wail some kind of instrumentation!

Since we had already installed a battery quick disconnect into our makeshift dash, it was a simple matter to run to Radio Shack and pick up a couple of $4 fuse blocks to give us some switched power in the passenger compartment.

We “borrowed” a cheap, used universal tachometer from my drag racing neighbor to give some indication of what the engine is doing for our Datsun neophytes!

Notice our “faux” carbon fiber shift knob. When the feel of the stick in your hand means “oh! so much!”

We’ll probably break down and somehow wire in the factory water temp and oil pressure gauges…

Thanks to our friends at IOPortRacing.com for the video camera mount to document just how bad we really are and just so we can look like we know what we’re doing, we wired in our TraqMate GPS data acquisition system and GTech Pro RR accelerometer! We also mounted a spare base for our AMB transponder… Now you can monitor our progress at MyLaps.com

We’ve pretty much got everything wired in! Now all we have to do is figure out what to do with our dead power steering pump and what’s dragging on our brakes… Probably a siezed caliper… errr…

All we need to do now is nail down the wheel and tire situation. We have plenty of wheels and race tires already, but, unless Jay starts to allow Hoosier or Hankook racing slicks, nothing in our inventory is LeMons legal!  We’ll probably go with a set of Falken Azenis or Hankook Ventus RS-2’s appropriate for the SCCA’s STS class so we can run them for double duty when not LeMons racing.  If I see a set of rally tires… 😀

We want to run a number of Auto-X’s before the LeMons event so we can work out as many kinks in the car as possible and maybe use the car for some track days and maybe even a Rally Cross…

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