A solo workday…

It was a cold and rainy day today while I worked solo on the Rice Rocket.  Seems the weather and other commitments kept the team pre-occupied today.

As a result, I didn’t get a lot done…

-Installed the rest of the nuts (8) on the bumpers
-Added a water bottle holder
-Re-adjusted and re-welded the window net
-Reinstalled the driver’s seat
-Straped down the TraqMate
-I zip tied the hell out of everything in the engine and passenger compartments
-Tightened the tachometer housing
-Checked and refilled the “seal expander” in the power steering pump

I took care of the radio communication problem earlier this week and got a Chatterbox GMRS-X1 PTT transceiver. Not the best, but the best our budget could handle. Most “real” racing communications systems START at $1000 and go up and that’s before you buy any “extra” radios.

The Chatterbox will work with any FRS/GMRS radio and although the one we used at the last “Arse-Freeze-Apolooza” was a little flaky, when it worked, it worked great and it’ll be better than the hand held “signage” some of the other teams will be using to communicate with their pit crews and it can be hard wired into our power system so we don’t have to worry about battery charging.

Car to pit communication has proven to be one of the keys to success for these events.  You find out when the race goes green even when you’re on the back of the track and when the car starts showing problems, sometimes the driver can’t see, but the grand stand can and it’ll make it easy for us to coordinate the driver changes.

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