The How…

Welcome to THE official build chronology of Rice Rocket Racing (RQubed).

Today we consummated the team theme when we identified our victim:

“Me want #22 rice bowl with extra spicey!

We love racing long time! Even though we sucky sucky driving!

Our neon lighting, hand drawn flames, useless hood scoops, 8″ Folger’s Can exhaust tip and MONSTER wing give us THOUSANDS OF HORSE POWER! We pass everyone because they no have powerful body kit like us!

Everyone respect our rice from now on! We win, beat everybody, especially redneck hillbilly’s in big American muscle car!!

We will bring respect to rice powered Japanese cars everywhere when we win 24 Hour Lemon!”

With 230k miles on this old Datsun/Nissan 280ZX, leaky t-tops, sitting exposed in a driveway for “several” years with it’s “well worn” interior and the fact that two of our team members are experienced Datsun racers made it an ideal candidate at the $250 purchase price.

The first day was spent on “weight reduction”. I don’t think I’ve smelt an interior quite like this one before and I won’t even mention some of the “after hours entertainment” paraphernalia that was found buried under the seat rails… ewwww…

Literally EVERYTHING not absolutely necessary to operate this car has been removed!

With the great mid-range torque these old inline 6’s make, we suspect this will give us a competitive advantage coming out of the corners as we deftly hit our apex (and anything else that accidentally happens into our path!).

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