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Ugh… 1 week to go and the list of todo’s is still TOO LONG!

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Clean the car
Finish the paint
Rotate tires

Install replacement injector clips
Get the drip tray
Re-fill the fire extinguisher (don’t ask…)
Check the Radio’s
Check the Traqmate
Charge the Transponder
Charge Video Camera’s
Service LR Caliper
Check Pads/Rotors
Adjust fuel mixture

Install a surge tank
Change all fluids
Install side skirts
Install rear wing
Check and top off oil
Install rear hatch
Re-mount chatterbox
Service Brake Calipers (all)
Move Tach
Check diff fluid level and condition
Get new tires
Mount the new tires

Adapter Hose for Gas Cans