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Well… Things went downhill at the Thunderhill…

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

After a great start on Saturday, we ran into some problems… We were plagued with “passing under yellow” penalties that set us back in both time and requiring unscheduled driver changes. At the beginning of Day 2 we were back in 52nd place, loosing a MASSIVE 26 positions. The first hour and a half, we clawed our way back up 13 spots, but the nagging “passing under yellow” penalties and a few 15 minute “breathers” for getting 4 wheels off the pavement prevented us from moving up any further than 36th through the end of the day…

Pic of the Rocket on the front straight

Thus ending our 2008 24hrs of LeMons effort. With the exception of a broken alternator belt and a burst radiator hose, the car was dead nuts reliable during the event, was fast and predictable throughout the day and will obviously be a decent contender if we decide to attempt any future events. As it stands now, I plan to repaint it and maybe put it into a few AutoX’s.

It’s going to need a transmission rebuild and we should probably pull the head to see what’s built up under there after 260k miles…

Finished Day 1!

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

During the day we had clawed our way up 26th place out of 114 cars!

We had only one minor mechanical problem with a water bypass hose for the Throttle Body and a small fueling issue that cost us 10 or 15 laps.

Unfortunately, there were only 10 laps separating 1st place from 26th before we had our issues.

We’ll see how much it really cost us when we get back on track this morning.

WooHoo! We made it!

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

We’re here at Thunderhill, we got our car through Tech with nary a problem and the judges were miraculusly merciful to our crapcan!

We also got three of our drivers out on track for 2 sessions each for the test day and got the car well shaken down for it’s maiden voyage. Our Hankook tires seem to be immune to heat (they don’t ever get sticky!) But we got the tire pressures dialed a little closer to optimum at least.

Fortunately, unlike last year, the track was already configured for “Race Day” with all the chicanes in place and the turn 8 bypass already configured into turn 15 the test day was much more usefull.

The final safety inspection, alignment and dyno test!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

I’m usually not a fan of the dyno on old beaters since they like to collapse under the pressure…

Anyway, after going over the entire car and tightening the spectacular myriad of loose nuts and bolts, I took the plunge and decided to risk a few dyno runs to check the AFR’s with a wide band O2.  It’s fortunate that we did as the AFR was running WAY TOO LEAN even at WOT.  A little adjustment to the AFM to richen things up and it now idles at 13.1:1 and at WOT is running between 12:1 and 12.5:1 and we picked up a few extra WHP since the timing was running at only 5 deg. fully advanced, so we were loosing a lot of potential.  Turned it up to 12 degrees and it’s making 117 WHP and 138 WTQ!  Not bad for a $350 beater with 260k on the odometer when the factory spec’s are 145 SAE HP at the crank!  I’m pretty happy with how everything has come out so far, but the paint on the sides has me scratchin’ my head…  The Punisher skull on the hood is bad azz though!

Corner weighted and it’s lookin’ pretty good!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

After cutting the springs last week we pulled out my LongAcre scales and put the car up to see how it looks.

Weight    Height
LF = 623   24 1/4″
RF = 655    24 1/8″
LR = 596   24 1/2″
RR = 567    24 7/8″

Cross = 51.9%
Left = 50%
Rear = 50.9%

Only a few weeks before the race and we’re a man down…

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

We lost a man today.  Unfortunately, his heart didn’t seem in it, so it wasn’t a huge surprise.  Everyone has priorities in their lives and needs to take care of them in the order in which they are most important to that person.

We got some work done on the car today.  Cut the stock springs by about 1.5 coils in the front and 2 coils in the back:

Put some paint on the side… Yeah, I know what it looks like…