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Another workday behind us…

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

We got a little more done today, but our progress was hampered by what seemed the constant need to drive to OSH for a missing bolt or nut and the ensuing snack/beer “break” that had to happen at every one of these little “side trips”!

At least we got a few things done like installing the freebie front strut tower brace…

Unfortunately, the hood needed a little “massaging” so it would close after the strut tower bar was installed.  A little fun with the PLASMA CUTTER!

Oops! Looks like we used a little too much heat… 😀

We made a few adjustments to the window net to make it a little easier to exit in the “unlikely” (don’t tell anyone, that’s just what we tell our wives!) event of an accident.

After busting my knuckles on the roll cage every time I turned the steering wheel, I snuck into the neighbors garage and pulled the small diameter steering wheel off his blown 1500 hp ’69 Camaro! I got the “new” steering wheel installed and now there’s just enough clearance to keep the volume of knuckle related blood loss to a tolerable level!

Got the battery “nailed” down and wired in:

“NEW” Rules that apply to us…

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

* 3.4.1: Neck Brace/Helmet Support.

I have a neck brace that everyone can use and if your helmet has HANS attachment points and my HANS fits, you can use that instead.

* 3.8.1: Brake Lights.

As soon as I order the new lights for my trailer, I’ll pull the old one’s off and we’ll mount those to the cross bar between the rear shock towers that I haven’t installed yet…

* 3.21: Open T-Tops and Convertibles.

I’m ordering a set of arm restraints from IOPort Racing this weekend.

* 3.23: Master Electrical Kill Switch.

I have an extra kill switch left over from Summit Racing that we can use for this.

* 5.3: Pit Communication.

We need to figure out what to do for radios. Ideally, a PTT radio with a helmet friendly microphone and speaker is the way to go. Some people have used FRS radios and other’s with unlimited voice plans have simply used their cell phones with either a blue-tooth or wired headset…

The longer I think about it, the more things get added to the To Do list!