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Build Notes (July)

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Here’s the list of remaining todo’s:

-Install another battery shutoff switch as per the “new” rules
-Install the rest of the nuts (8) on the bumpers
-Replace the oil pump gasket
-Mount and wire the factory accessory gauges back in
-Add a water bottle holder
-Add a radio holder
-Add padding to every sharp metal within reach of the driver
-Install steering wheel
-Install arm restraints

-Check to see if Matt can fit in the seat

-Strap down the TraqMate
-Strap down all loose items in the engine compartment
-Adjust the seat bracket
-Tighten the oil pan
-Tighten the tachometer housing

-Check the power steering pump
-Check motor purr in the crank case
-Check scraping noise when turning right

If we have time:

-Install the passenger seat