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“Seating” issues…

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

I’ve got good news and bad news.

First, the good news…  I picked up another Kirkey race seat with cover and harness so we’ll have seating for a passenger for the next track day! This will be great for working on corner entry and exit as well as getting as much seat time as possible for everyone before the race.

Now, the bad news… After putting the cover back on the driver’s seat and installing the panoramic mirror, I realized my head was nearly even with the roof line of the car…  That means Lionel and Matt will probably be looking out OVER the roof to see the track.  We need to SUBSTANTIALLY lower the seat.  We can drop about an inch and a half by pulling off the seat cover, but it’s going to make it pretty hard on the “tail end” if you get my drift.

The only other thing I can think of is to pull the seat and slider and see if I can modify the floors and sliders to pull a few more inches out of it.

Anyway, everyone should probably get in the car as it stands today to get a “fitting” done.  Once we know how much off we are, we can start to hack and slash as necessary… And now I have to do it to BOTH seats… 🙁

My calendar this coming weekend is free, so it might be a good idea to get everyone in the seat before I go through the effort to modify it…

Bueller…?  Bueller…?  Bueller…?

Build Notes (Mar)

Monday, March 17th, 2008

We got the car running pretty good yesterday with some clean-up of the electrical system and installation of the new starter I picked up from the junk yard last week.  The air box is installed and we got most? Of the loose nuts tightened.

I finally got the seat installed with Dru’s help into the evening and it now has full mobility and slides all the way forward and back on the sliders.

After everyone left, I tried to get in the car to take it for a spin around the block… And couldn’t get in… With those big wings on the Kirkey, even with the seat slid all the way back, I had to climb in from the top!

So, I broke out the welder and welded on the steering wheel bung for the quick disconnect on my MOMO wheel.  Much easier fit with the steering wheel out of the way.

We still need to lower the springs and get the junk yard windshield installed…

I’m out of town until Thursday, so, unless we can do the install before I get back…

Junk Yard Diving!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

I had a pretty successful trip to Pick-n-pull last night and this morning to collect spares for the car…

A friend spied a completely unmolested ’83 280ZX in the Oakland yard with a blown head gasket and came with me to help pull parts off of it last night and again this morning.

We got:
Drive shaft
Transmission w/clutch and pressure plate
Fuel Rail with Injectors
Radiator (Appears Nearly New)
Starter (Appears Nearly New)
Fuel Pump (Appears Nearly New)
Front control arms, steering knuckles, hubs and NEW struts
Rear shock assemblies (Appears New)
Fuseable link box with all good fuseable links
Distributor Cap & Rotor (Appears Nearly New)
Misc. Relay’s

Donated by my friend:
Another drive shaft (Spare if the u-joints in the one from the yard are/go bad)
Analog gauge cluster w/Speedo, tach, fuel, water temp, oil pressure and volt meter!

For tomorrow:
Injector O-rings
Front Glass (If I can get it off without breaking it…)
Front glass trim (for myself…)

If I can’t get the glass off the pick-n-pull car, we’ll need to get someone to install a new one for the track day. I have confirmed they won’t let us on the track without a good windshield. That will eat up another $150 from our budget…

I’m going to put the drive shaft on tonight so I can drive the car off the trailer and up my driveway to the side of the house and put it behind the gate and out of sight from the neighbors… 😀

The “Rejection Notice” and a glimmer of hope…

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Hi, Team Captain:

I’m sorry to tell you those smug, self-satisfied bastards on the LeMons Selection Committee have REJECTED your application for the May 10-11, 2008, LeMons SF 24 Hours of LeMons at Altamont. I swear, I tried to stop them. They held me down and beat me with broomsticks. Okay, the truth is we had more than twice as many entries as grid spots, so a lot of good teams just had to get bumped. This time yours was one.

But you still might be able to race.

Because we got so many interesting entries, right now AMP is struggling to find us a second 24 Hours of LeMons weekend to follow the 10-11 May race. If they’re able to swing it, I’ll automatically accept your team into this new race. If you’re interested, just reply to this email with “Move My Ass to The New Race” in the subject line and keep your fingers crossed. Mine are.

Whatever you decide, thanks again for your app, and I hope to see you in a race soon. Any questions or comments, drop me a line anytime.


Jay Lamm, Chief Perp

The Motley Crew

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

The Motley Crew is assembled for another long work day!

Just like a CalTrans crew, there’s a lot of people standing around talking or lounging and only one person working…

In spite of appearances, we got quite a bit done today with all fluids changed, additional holes cut in the air cleaner housing, harness mount points installed, SFI roll bar padding installed, new pads and rotors installed on all four corners, harness bar for the passenger seat installed and corner weighted the car. With all the weight reduction, we’re gonna have to heat the springs to drop the car back to a “reasonable” ride height!

The supervisor says it’s time for a lunch break…  Union rules so NO ARGUING!

We got a lot of junk and debris vacuumed out of the car and pulled the rest of the interior controls and plumbing for the Heater and AC.

We test fit the Corbeau Forza 2 seat I stole off my XBox360 Forza 2 racing platform… Too bad it’s not going to fit in the notoriously narrow Datsun floors and we realized we should have measured our seat before we built the cage!

We’ll either have to cut and re-make the driver side intrusion bars or find another narrower seat… ;(

Looks like we got a new Co-Driver for the team!