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The Why…

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

The 24 Hours of LeMans is considered one of the most prestigious sporting events of all time, the pinnacle of motorsports endurance racing, the place where legends are born and the disaster of defeat is the norm.

Now forget all that because the 24 Hours of LEMONS has nothing in common with that prestigious event other than a vaguely similar title!

The 24 Hours of LeMons is an endurance competition for crap-cans. The rules are simple, find a hunk of junk worth $500 or less, install some safety gear and then race it in a crowded field of novice drivers that have probably never been on a race track with other cars in close proximity, under a competitive environment, until enough questionable parts fail or you have catastrophic contact with some larger or immovable object!

Several of us have competed in previous events with other teams and, through a confluence of fate, have joined forces to campaign our own entry.  The search for a candidate (victim?) is now underway!

We’re made up of LeMons veterans (Altamont 1, July ’07 & Thunderhill, Dec.’07) who must have cracked our skulls on our roll bars harder than we thought for us to think it’s a good idea to try this again. Especially after the demolition derby from last years October Altamont race (of which none of us were accomplices in any of that carnage).

But, we think you’ve figured this thing out half-way decently for us to have some level of comfort that our children won’t be trying to collect from our cheapskate life insurance policies earlier than we expected and we’re willing to take another shot at it.